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Standout Litho Drinks Packaging For Dash Water

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Saxon Packaging have been supporting Dash Water with supplying their colourful and vibrant packaging for over 3 years. As the brainchild of two, experienced drinks vendors of farming backgrounds, Dash Water are producers of flavoured, British, sparkling spring water and have quickly grown into one of the leading brands of the non-alcoholic drinks sector. In the words of Jack Scott, co-founder of Dash Water, “Dash offers a sugar free option for those seeking an alternative to the usual soft drinks available in pubs and restaurants such as lemonade and coke by infusing sparkling water with a variety of flavours. Our packaging reflects its purity and flavour.”

Alex Wright, (co-founder) of Dash Water, initially got in touch with Carly, our sales office manager, in May 2016, having obtained Saxon Packaging’s contact details from our existing clients, The Five Points Brewing Company. Alex, was initially looking for a non-alcoholic drinks packaging solution that could house his 330ml canned products. After careful consideration, Alex decided that a 12 x 330ml, Single-Colour, can box would benefit him the most (one for each of the flavours they offer), by allowing him to ship his products safely during transit whilst maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance. There were four separate packaging designs in total, each with their own separate artwork designs to match the flavours that they contained.

Throughout the continued growth of the non-alcoholic drinks market, Saxon Packaging has supported Dash Water in the increase in supply and range of their corrugated packaging solutions. What began with a 12 can single colour drinks packaging solution, progressed onto four colour lithographically printed 4 X 330ml can packs for each of their flavours, which then proceeded into the development of a 16 can variety box, containing 4 of each of their offered flavours. This also included the development of a new transit box, providing safe-shipping and protection during the transit of their products when out for delivery to their customers.

With a vibrant array of colour and sleek packaging designs saving on waste material, it’s clear to see that Dash Water have carefully considered how they wish to reflect their brand values and ethos in their standout drinks packaging.

“It was fantastic to work with Dash Water and I’m really pleased to hear that the packaging solutions that we produced for them are thoroughly being enjoyed by their customers.” Wayne Bennett.

For further information contact Granger Wittering on +44 (0)502 509 711


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