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State-of-the-art inline monitoring of O2 content in pressurised CO2 gas

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Anton Paar introduces new CO2 Purity Monitor for O2 monitoring in CO2 gas from fermentation
Anton Paar released its new solution for measuring O2 in CO2 gas: The CO2 Purity Monitor features a compact system for inline monitoring of the O2 content in pressurised CO2 from fermentation.

The inline oxygen sensor Oxy 5100, in combination with the integrated pressure sensor for automatic pressure compensation, makes the CO2 Purity Monitor a compact stand-alone solution. No gas conditioning is required.

For non-pressurised measuring points, Oxy 5100 and the clever sensor caps are installed right after a gas conditioning system. If a customised solution is required, Anton Paar customer-specific adapters or conditioning systems will prove the perfect match.

Additional features:
• For quick start-up, the unique Toolmaster™ technology ensures a hassle-free cap exchange. All required calibration parameters are stored in the sensor cap. Once the cap is mounted, all calibration parameters are transferred automatically, and inline measurement can start immediately.
• The advanced Lifetime Estimator estimates the lifetime of the cap, and continuously monitors the remaining lifetime in days. Oxy 5100 warns you when a cap exchange is required.
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