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Recently established non-alcoholic spirits brand, Strykk, is the brainchild of Alex Carlton from Funkin Cocktails. Alex is a bar world veteran with over two decades of experience under his belt. Back in September 2020, Alex was in need of help with his drinks packaging and came across the Saxon Packaging website.

Since then, Emma Bishop, Internal Sales Coordinator at Saxon Packaging, has been working closely with Alex and his team to create the perfect drinks packaging solutions for Strykk. Together with the rest of the team at Saxon, Emma has been able to support them in realising their ideas and goals for the brand and transform these into outstanding packaging designs.

To date, they have helped the Strykk team with 15 unique packaging orders and they are already working on some new designs for their future plans! Strykk are making waves in the non-alcoholic drinks industry and Saxon Packaging are proud to be supporting them as they continue to thrive.

Strykk’s Single Bottle Premium Drinks Packaging

One of the very first projects they worked on with Strykk was for their single bottle premium drinks packaging. They had visions of a simple gin gift box, but they needed it to encompass a luxurious, premium feel and stand out from the fierce competition. A wise decision with The Morning Advertiser, in association with Fentimans, article Key drink trends for summer 2021: Premium pours, gin growth and independent brands, recently reporting that “according to research by CGA the premium drinks category – worth £19m in the UK – is growing across all categories post-lockdown with almost half (47%) of consumers willing to pay more for a better-quality serve”. It also reveals that the premium drinks category has “observed a market-wide 12% annual increase in value of premium mixer sales, while spirit segment value has grown by 21% year-on-year.”

Strykk asked for a packaging solution that would not only raise brand awareness, but also deliver a moment of excitement to their customers when they receive their orders. In other words, they were looking for ‘the perfect unboxing experience’.

Several weeks after delivery, they are proud to have delivered exactly what Strykk asked for! Happy clients are their favourite thing to see and they are pleased to say that Alex and the Strykk team were blown away by their new premium drinks boxes. The finished product was arguably one of the most vivid packs that they have seen roll out of their factory doors in quite some time.

In the early stages of this project, Emma spent a lot of time getting the structural packaging design just right. Working closely with their in-house design team at Saxon Packaging, they were able to deliver Strykk various design samples before settling on a preferred style.

In the midst of all this creativity, there were some challenges around which packaging material would be most suitable. At the time, the print process for the project had not yet been decided, so it was difficult to choose which material grade and flute profile would work best. Their specialist packaging team discussed all the options available and the ultimate goal for this project. Originally, the premium single bottle gift packs were intended to be printed digitally. However, after reviewing the final artwork, the desired quantity of units and the overall purpose of the packaging, Strykk opted to go for the more premium and cost-effective print process, Litho.

What Is Litho Printed Packaging?

Litho printed packaging is a versatile print process which is commonly used for premium and luxury products. It has the ability to produce eye-catching, top-quality graphics with the same level of finish and detail as we often see in high-end, glossy magazines. This level of printing is an absolute must for brands looking to position themselves as the premium choice in the market.

With up to 8 colours to work with, litho printing allows brands to showcase intricate high-resolution artwork on their packaging of choice. Litho printed packaging can be coupled with a variety of print finishes and visual embellishments to enhance the packaging further. Litho printed packaging is an excellent solution for delivering a show stopping experience to potential consumers.

Transit Packaging – The ‘Outer’

With Strykk’s drinks packaging designed and ready to go, it was time to consider how these boxes would arrive to the customer and how Saxon Packaging would create that wow-factor unboxing experience. The single bottle gift boxes were accompanied by what is known in the packaging industry as an ‘outer’. The purpose of an outer box is to protect the contents inside from any damage or abrasion that can occur during the transit and delivery process.

With the unboxing experience at the forefront of the design process for this packaging solution, Strykk strategically created artwork for the outer that was relatively understated compared to the box that would be packed inside. The effect of this was that Strykk could now reveal a surprise-and-delight experience to those customers who opened the outer packaging with an extravagant litho printed gift box inside. This fulfilled the design brief’s requirements and resulted in a perfect unboxing experience. Rest assured, the outer packaging still ticks all the ‘boxes’ when it comes to helping to raise brand awareness, featuring its unapologetically bold typography.

(Left) Outer Packaging (Right) Single Bottle Gift Packaging for Strykk manufactured by Saxon Packaging.

With the help of their design and production teams, the finished product is a standout example of premium packaging that they are certain will help Strykk both build their brand profile and delight their customers. This single bottle luxury gift pack boasts the sort of colour vibrancy that would make the likes of Andy Warhol turn his head!

Emma said “This was a great project to work on. Whilst it did have its challenges along the way, we worked through them all. The result of Strykk’s litho printed packaging is one that is really amazing and will no doubt stand out amongst competitors.”

Molly Bray from the Strykk team added “We were really pleased with it! The quality of the print was spot on and we can’t wait to start sending them out to our customers.”

For more information regarding their packaging for the drinks industry, click here. Alternatively, get in touch with their packaging experts today to discuss your requirements.

Blog by Saxon Packaging

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