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The Complete Solution for the Hydrogen Economy…


With the emergence of the hydrogen economy comes various safety concerns surrounding its use. And at IGD we want to be sure that the world is safe from these hazards when entering this new market.

Thus, we have developed a detectably better solution utilising our century of experience. Click here to find out more.

✅ Extreme stability throughout its life

✅ High level resistance to inhibitors and poisons

✅5 years operation time without replacement

✅ Unaffected by humidity and operation over a wide temperature range

✅ Only responds to flammable gases

These are just a few of the features that the MK8 pellistor has to offer our clients.

What’s more, this is available in the 903-X5, 750 safe area, 750X ATEX and 750S sampling detectors. To ensure you can utilise the MK8 to its full potential in any environment.

Featured Product

The 903-X5 Dual Gas Detector Transmitter

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Other H2 Products

At IGD we also offer a full range of portables from our partners mPower and SENKO.

The SENKO H2 portable is the ideal device for a complete solution in Hydrogen applications.

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