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The Institute of Brewing & Distilling Launches its First Course for Distillers


The Spirit Sensory Analysis on-demand course enables distillers to understand spirit flavour and implement an effective system of sensory analysis in their distilleries.

The Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD), the most widely recognised learning provider of technical education in the brewing industry in the world, has launched a brand new technical self-assessed and on demand technical course – Spirit Sensory Analysis.

This new short course is the first continuing professional development course for distillers from the IBD. Spirit Sensory Analysis is aimed at distillers and quality professionals working in distilleries of all sizes, wanting to improve product quality using sensory analysis.

The Spirit Sensory Analysis course provides the knowledge and tools required to understand and control spirit flavour. It will enable learners to run a range of sensory tests, assess the results and ultimately improve their production process and products. The course is provided in an engaging, interactive and multimedia format.

This course has been developed in collaboration with leading sensory scientists and distilling professionals. It provides the same technical excellence found in all IBD qualifications, with the benefit of not needing to sit a formal exam.

The course includes a downloadable PDF with technical information such as:
• The basis of spirit flavour
• The descriptors and thresholds of over 300 key flavour compounds
• Spirit flavour terminology systems and flavour wheels
• Tasting forms for more than 10 sensory tests
• The statistical tables, equations and calculations to interpret test results

The course features text, videos, animations, quizzes, and games to help enhance learning. At the end of the course, learners receive a Certificate of Completion.

On this announcement, Stuart Howe, Technical Learning and Development Manager, explains:
“Whatever the size of your distillery, this course should help you better understand spirit flavour and to get the best value from your sensory endeavours. It may also save you spending money on the services of companies providing sensory management systems and training. We are confident that not only will you enjoy the course, but it will also benefit your career, your distillery, your products, your consumers and your sales volumes!”

Tom Shelston, IBD Chief Executive Officer, comments:
“The Spirit Sensory Analysis Course is our 5th short course within a year, showing the IBD commitment to establish a richer continuous professional development pathway in the drinks industry. This new short course shows our commitment to reinforce our learning offering for the spirits sector as this is our first on demand technical course for distillers”.

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