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The Institute of Brewing & Distilling launches the No and Low Alcohol Beer Production Course

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The course gives brewers the knowledge and techniques essential for
making excellent no and low alcohol beer.

The Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD), the most widely recognised provider of technical education in the brewing industry, has launched a brand new self-assessed and on demand technical course – No and Low Alcohol Beer Production.

The No and Low Alcohol Beer Production Course is the latest in a hugely popular series of IBD continuing professional development courses for brewers. This also meets the IBD strategic objective to grow our educational offering so our portfolio reflects changes in the industry, enabling our members and students to have access to courses that will keep their skills and technical skills and experience in line with present day trends.

The course is aimed at brewers working in breweries of all sizes who want to produce excellent no and low alcohol products safely, at minimum cost and in compliance with regulations. It provides the most up to date information on the science and technology of no and low alcohol beer production. Learners are guided through the brewing process from raw materials to packaging and provided with the knowledge required to be an accomplished no and low alcohol beer producer. The course provides everything you need to know and some things you probably didn’t realise you needed to know. All, in an engaging, interactive and multimedia format.

The course includes a downloadable PDF with technical information such as:
• The legal classifications of low and non-alcoholic beers
• Nutritional information for no and low alcohol beers
• Mashing profiles and yeast types for use in no and low alcohol beers
• The main flavour compounds to control in no and low alcohol beer
• Key calculations for processing, dilution and flavouring
• A summary of the options for dealcoholisation
• Key hurdles to microbiological contamination

This course has been developed in collaboration with leading brewers, brewing consultants, yeast suppliers and manufacturers of dealcoholisation equipment. It provides the same technical excellence found in all IBD qualifications, with the benefit of not needing to sit a
formal exam.

The course features text, videos, animations, quizzes, and games to help enhance learning.  At the end of the course, learners receive a Certificate of Completion.

For more information please visit:

No and Low Alcohol Beer Production (

On this announcement, Tom Shelston, CEO, says:
“Launching our No and Low Alcohol Beer Production course is a strategic and
complementary addition to our growing portfolio of qualifications and courses. It will become an important part of the IBD’s growing educational offering which continues to reflect how the drinks industry is evolving to meet shifting market needs.”

Stuart Howe, Technical and Development Manager, explains:
“This is the first course ever that provides in-depth scientific and technical information about no and low alcohol beer production. It is written in collaboration with experts in the field and with the rigor and accuracy that you expect from the IBD. If you are serious about realising the potential of your brewery to make the most of the growth of no and low alcohol beer, you
should sign up to take this course.”

About the IBD
The Institute of Brewing & Distilling was originally established as The Laboratory Club in 1886. From inception, its mission has been to provide excellence in technical education for professional brewers and distillers and associated suppliers.

With four levels of globally recognised qualifications, the IBD caters for all types of professionals with a passion for brewing and distilling. Over 100,000 industry professionals have received their technical
education with us. The IBD is a global institution with more than 3,000 members across 90 countries.  Every year, around 4,000 professionals take our qualifications providing transformational outcomes
both for individuals and their businesses

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