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The Latest Product Developments at IGD


All caught up with the latest product developments at IGD? ???? Here they discuss the new MK8 Pellistor and 903-X5 detector, and how these can benefit you and your company.

The 903-X5 Dual Gas Detector Transmitter
The 903-X5 is the latest gas detector transmitter to be developed at IGD. The TOC-903-X5 is their most advanced detector yet, boasting dual gas sensor capability, 5 Port housing and applicability as a standalone, analogue or addressable device. Massively increasing your systems customisability and easily applicability into a larger range of applications. Check out the video to find out more about how this latest detector can benefit you

The MK8 Pellistor Sensor

The MK8 Pellistor offers a huge advancement in flammable gas detection technology ????. Providing extreme poison resistance, stability and long life, low cost ownership, the MK8 is the detectably better solution for any flammable gas application. Check out the video to find out more about this latest Pellistor.

Not interested in these? Click  below to browse through their website and find out more about their full range of products.


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