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The MAGNA1 is the Right One


The MAGNA family was launched back in 2001 and is now a stalwart choice when you need to choose a pump that meets the many demands that are required of a modern circulator.

The latest updated and improved range of single and twin-headed MAGNA1 circulator pump options have been specifically designed for circulating liquids in a wide range of light commercial and commercial applications. Some of the benefits these options offer; alongside the existing benefits of a simple user interface and best in class efficiency; means newer models that can be monitored via a fault relay.  Additionally, they offer a digital start/stop input that will allow the pump to be monitored remotely, plus having a wireless function means that the popular twin-pump models will secure continuous operation.

The MAGNA1 can be used for a range of different applications such as heating, air-conditioning & cooling as well as hot water circulation. Plus, they are the perfect solution in a refurbishment situation where there is a need to either replace a Grundfos UPS product or one of the smaller models from the original MAGNA family. They are ideal for circulating liquids in heating systems with variable flows, where it is desirable to optimise the settings of the pump duty point, thus reducing energy costs.

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