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The Most Advanced Gas Transmitter on the Market


INTERNATIONAL GAS DETECTORS present the Most Advanced Gas Transmitter on the Market – TOC-903-X5.


  • Smart sensors for over 400 gases and vapours
  • 5 Port ATEX housing for ease of installation
  • Single and Dual sensor capability
  • Directly connected and remote sensor configurations
  • 2x Analogue outputs, 3x relay outputs and Addressable
  • One person calibration
  • Clear visual display with illuminated light for instant detector status
  • 10 Year warranty on the electronics
  • Non-intrusive calibration

Smart sensors are pre-calibrated and the transmitter automatically detects the sensor and sets itself up

Sensor Configurations Available 

Our TOC-903-X5 can have one or two directly connected sensors.

Or you can remote one or both of the sensors up to 1KM distance from the transmitter.  For larger gas detection systems, you can utilise our industry first 2-Wire Addressable technology; allowing you to digitally network the TOC-903-X5 on a single 2-Core cable highway.



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