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The Top 10 Features of the iGAS Portable CO2 Detector

top 10 features of the iGAS

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CO2 detection is very important across a wide range of industries, including (but not limited to): Education, Beverage, and Refrigeration. Portable CO2 Detectors helps to enhance personal protection from this gas, reaching areas that fixed devices cannot. So, choosing the right portable CO2 detector is essential to your business and your teams safety, but it can be difficult to know which is the right one as there out so many options on the market. This blog post details the top 10 features of our portable CO2 detector, the iGAS from SENKO, to help with the choosing the right portable CO2 detector for you. Read on below to find out more about the iGAS’s best features.

  1. One of the longest lifetimes on the market

The iGAS offers clients a 14-day run time, one of the longest for any portable CO2 detector currently available on the market. This feature is perfect for industries where there are continual, long periods of usage and little time for charging, such as in the beverage and refrigeration industries. With the iGAS, you can be confident that the device will not give up on you when you need it the most.

  1. Simple 2 button operation

This portable CO2 detector comes with only 2 buttons to operate the device, for simple and easy operation. Not only is this easier for teams of personnel to adapt to, but this reduces the downtime spent on training for the device and retraining due to complex systems. Thus, optimising your worktime and ensuring that your portable CO2 detector does not hinder your working day.

  1. Lightweight and compact

If you’re looking for a comfortable portable CO2 detector, then the iGAS is the perfect device for you. Weighing at just 93g and with a small design, the iGAS will not interrupt your work day from being too bulky or heavy, perfect for all industries where a portable CO2 detector is to be worn throughout the day.

  1. 5–7 year average sensor life

The iGAS’s revolutionary NDIR sensor lasts 5-7 years, on average, before needing replacement. This is hugely beneficial as you can be assured that your iGAS portable CO2 detector will perform at its best for longer than the average CO2 sensor. Additionally, this reduces the cost of ownership through a less frequent need for sensor replacements.

  1. NDIR sensor provides PPM and VOL measurements

With the NDIR sensor, not only is your sensor life extended but this smart technology allows for easy switching between %VOL measurements and PPM. Thus, this portable CO2 detector is built to suit your requirements, adapting to the measurement types that you prefer and are used to.

  1. Affordable and durable

The iGAS starts at only £343, one of the lowest costs for any portable CO2 detector available on the market, providing low cost, high quality portable CO2 monitoring for all industries. What’s more, IGD can offer bulk discounts of the iGAS CO2 portable, for even further cost saving. This portable CO2 detector is created using rubberise polycarbonate housing, providing one of the most durable CO2 portables on the market. Perfect for industries such as beverage and refrigeration where splashes and hazardous substances are common.

  1. Micro-USB charger

For easy charging, the iGAS portable CO2 detector comes equipped with a micro-USB port. Thus, providing clients with an easy, slim, and familiar way to charge their portable CO2 detector. Also, this allows for personnel to charge their CO2 device on the go, as the cable can easily plug into any cars USB port. Thus, you can charge at a time convenient to you, anywhere.

  1. Easy event downloading

With the iGAS, event downloading is easy using the Micro USB cable. This eliminates the need for multiple cables or clunky charging ports as the USB cable once again provides a multi-use capability. So, with this cable and the SENKO event logging software, you can easily gather all of the required data from your iGAS portable CO2 detector.

  1. Maintainable

Sensors, batteries and rubber housings etc are all replaceable on this portable CO2 detector, providing you with a fully maintainable device. Not only is this more environmentally friendly than a maintenance free device, but this also saves clients hundreds of pounds as there is no need to replace the entire device once the sensor is end of life. Consequently, providing you with a low cost, environmentally friendly, long lasting solution.

  1. Support and servicing from the UK’s approved SENKO distributor

As IGD are the only UK approved SENKO distributor, we can provide the best support and servicing on all SENKO devices. We can maintain, train and support all of our clients in their portable CO2 detector needs. And with IGD being the oldest gas detection company in the world, you can be certain that you are receiving the best support available. What’s more, if you are unsure whether you would like to purchase the iGAS, we can provide a 90 day try-before-you-buy trial. Thus, giving you enough time to see if the iGAS is the right solution for you.

Contact IGD today

If you would like to find out more about the IGAS portable CO2 detector, check out the product page here or contact IGD today. We are on hand 5 days a week to answer any questions and to support everyone in becoming detectably better in their gas safety.

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