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T&J installs tank beer at Dig Brew Co


T&J installed tank beer dispense equipment at Dig Brew Co, during its pre-opening fit-out. The two tanks installed allow the brewery to serve its craft beer offering ‘brewery fresh’.

Dig Brew Co formulated its craft beer range by working with famous brewer, Weihenstephan. Founded nearly 1,000 years ago, Weihenstephan is the world’s oldest brewing company.

Once each brew has properly developed and matured, it is served in pints straight from the tanks, circumventing the usual packaging process and ensuring the freshest flavour possible.




The venue

Dig Brew Co, located on River Street, Digbeth, Birmingham, was created by the owner of the Black Country famous pie factory, Mad O’Rourke’s. The venue provides a range of high quality craft beer, cocktails and street food.

Dig Brew Co stages a variety of events at its open plan venue, including sports screenings and live music, which attract large numbers of people.

The requirement

Dig Brew Co decided it wanted a tank beer dispense solution for its beer, giving high volume storage and high quality dispense.

The choice of this type of beer dispense installation was made for both practical and aesthetic reasons, with the installation forming an important part of the bar’s overall design. The quality of dispense and appearance of the tanks contribute towards Dig Brew Co’s goal of creating a destination venue, and hotspot within Digbeth.

The system

Tank beer is a beer storage and dispense system that caters for high volume storage and delivers superior hygiene and efficiency compared with traditional barrel or cask options. The beer is stored within the tanks – in volumes of 1,000 litres – in polyvinyl in-liners which are replaced with every refill, ensuring maximum sterility.

The visual impact of the tanks greatly enhances point-of-sale, and it is the most space efficient method of beer storage available.

Installation and aftercare

Dig Brew Co’s tanks were installed below the bar. The two 1,000-litre tanks, provide a total 2,000-litre capacity, equating to around 3,520 pints. The tank installation forms an important part of the bar’s design, sitting beneath the bar top, with the tanks – branded with the Dig Brew Co logo – exposed and on show.

Client feedback

Oliver Webb, Co-Founder of Dig Brew Co, said: “Tank beer formed a big part of our venue’s identity on launch. It allowed us to deliver the best possible version of our products.

“T&J Installations provided us with an excellent service. They were able to both advise us in the planning, and organise the installation schedule around the other fit out works – and that was really helpful.

“Following the success we’ve enjoyed with tank beer at our venue, we’re keen to push our product into other venues, in the tank beer format. We’re also looking to create a portable tank beer trailer for events in Digbeth and Greater Birmingham, and also further afield.“

Paul Jones, Operations Director and tank beer specialist of T&J Installations, said: “Tank beer is an excellent product for a microbrewery with its own on-site on-trade premises. Too often, we see breweries having to add preservatives to beer which has travelled a few feet to the bar, and it taints what is otherwise a high-quality product.

“The Dig Brew Co team has done an excellent job with the venue’s fit out. The minimal, modern feel of the venue and its food & drink offering is very well suited to that area, and the beer tanks – which are so prominent within the bar design – are a perfect match.”

T&J can provide equipment supply, installation and maintenance services, as well as logistics for delivery of the beer from the brewery into the tanks, for those considering tank beer as a method of dispense for one of their products.

For further information on the tank beer system, call Paul Jones on 0121 783 8925, or email

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