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TOC-903-X5 Dual Gas Detector Transmitter


Introducing the World’s most versatile gas detector transmitter,

the TOC-903-X5 by International Gas Detectors (IGD)


  • Pre-calibrated, smart sensors for over 400 gases and vapours
  • 5-Port ATEX housing for ease of installation
  • Single and Dual and remote sensor configurations
  • 2x Analogue outputs, 3x relay outputs and Addressable
  • One-person, Non-intrusive calibration
  • Clear visual display with illuminated light for instant detector status

10-Year warranty on the electronics


Wondering How it Works? ????

IGD’s latest case study is a great example of how easy it is to implement the TOC-903-X5 into your working day.

In collaboration with Jigsaw controls, IGD were able to provide a detectably better solution for the process industry.

Check out what the director of Jigsaw thought of IGD’s solution ????

“This system is a perfect example of how we work together, not just with clients, but also with our supplies, to ensure the best possible product for the end user. This collaboration, from day one, ensures everyone shares the same end goal – quality, reliability, and simplicity of use for the operators.”

Paul Wilks, Director, Jigsaw Controls Ltd

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