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Top 10 Features Of The PID NEO Portable VOC Gas Detector


Blog by International Gas Detectors

This blog post dives into the best features of International Gas Detectors new NEO VOC portable in partnership with MPower. Their partnership with mPower enables them to provide this VOC portable to their clients, which is packed full of leading features. The NEO portable is perfect for a wide range of industries, including cleanrooms, environmental checking, petrochemical, land remediation checks, arson investigation and oil and gas, along with many others. Although the NEO VOC portable has a long list of leading features, IGD have managed to compile it down to a top 10. Read more to find out more about why the NEO is the detectably better option for portable VOC portable monitoring.

1. Most stable PPB level PID on the market

This outstanding feature enables reliable accuracy when monitoring at Parts per Billion (PPB) levels, which may not be possible using competing VOC portables. This is especially important in applications such as Hazmat, CBRNE, Military, Government, Cleanrooms etc.

2. Most accurate PID on the market

Another revolutionary feature of the NEO is the accuracy, with the Neo IGD can offer the most accurate PID on the market. With +3% accuracy, you can be sure that you are receiving accurate and reliable VOC gas readings during use.

3. Durable housing and long list of approvals

The heart of the NEO is constructed using a stainless-steel housing, with a protective rubber boot surrounding it. This VOC portable also features a long list of approvals, including, ATEX, IECEx, Class I, Div 1, Group ABCD. This enabling full versatility for any application, as it is designed to withstand the toughest environment, ideal for any application and environment.

4. Long data logging time

With the NEO, you can log events for up to 12 months at 1-minute intervals. These intervals can also be customised to suit you, with logging intervals between 1 second up to 3,600 seconds. This enables IGD to offer one of the longest datalogging times available on the market with the NEO VOC portable, so you can reliably log events without worrying about storage space. In addition, these are also timestamped and fully download able via PC or on the android app.

5. Lightweight and small

NEO portable PID is one of the smallest and lightest on the market, weighing at just 708g and measuring at 230 x 74 x 54 mm. This is comparably lighter and smaller than the leading VOC portables on the market, enabling full transportability across a plethora of sites. The lighter and compact format of the NEO makes it easier and more accessible to use out onsite.

6. Built in gas table including 700 VOC’s

The Neo features a built-in gas table including more than 700 VOCs cross factor lists. This means a fully identifiable range of VOCs for a wide range of applications; thus. In applications where the target VOC is known this feature reduces reading errors, improving the accuracy of your work.

7. Powerful battery

The powerful 24-hour battery of this VOC portable means you can reliably use this device for long periods of time without worrying about losing power. Peace of mind that your NEO is always going to be up to the challenge of a long day in the field.

8. Easy micro-USB charging

Along with the long battery life, it is easily chargeable through a micro-USB port. This allows for easy, on the go charging through a car power port, in a hotel room or wherever you may be. There is no need to carry around a large charging station or large battery packs with the NEO VOC portable.

9. Easy operation through 4 keys and Large Display

This VOC portable is intuitive and easy to navigate through 4 keys. The simple operation of the Neo means that lengthy training is not necessary, thus saving company time and costs allowing you to concentrate on the job. In addition to the easy-to-use keys there is a large colour LCD display with an LED backlight display. This makes the NEO easy to use in low light conditions.

10. Built in sampling pump

The  NEO features a built-in sampling pump. This pump has 3 different settings, ranging from 300-430cc per minute. Altering the sample rate makes pin pointing leaks or point sources of VOC’s much easier improving sensitivity when required.  You can also sample up to 100 ft away (30M), useful where access is a problem in applications such as large storage tanks, bore holes etc.

Blog by International Gas Detectors

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