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nnovative hop business Totally Natural Solutions have launched their all natural HopZero® range at Brau Beviale 2018 to provide high quality hop aroma and flavour to zero and low alcohol beers.

This exciting new range delivers natural hop functionality to overcome the common residual sweet and worty characters often experienced in this beer style.  Trends in alcohol consumption are shifting and the biggest market share increase is in this area.  In March 2018, Global Market Insights reported the non-alcoholic beer market is expected to exceed $25bn by 2024.  Totally Natural Solutions have dedicated research and development to understanding and overcoming the problems associated with de-alcoholised and restricted fermentation beers and present HopZero® to adjust the required bitterness levels, balance taste and mouthfeel and add late or dry hop character to the finished beverage.

The HopZero® range has been specifically developed to meet the European natural flavouring legislation (EC/1334/2008) and can be used in all zero or low alcohol beverage formats.

At Brau Beviale visitors to the Totally Natural Solutions booth were offered tastings of a zero alcohol Lager, IPA and Stout, all formulated using the HopZero® products.  Whichever base beer is used the development of a finished beverage can be carried out in three easy steps; adjust bitterness to the required level, balance taste and mouthfeel and finally add late hop or dry hop character depending on the desired beer style.

Totally Natural Solutions Managing Director, Colin Wilson explains,

“Today’s beer consumers have very exacting standards. Taste, quality and natural origin really matter. However, traditional methods of lowering or removing alcohol from beer often result in an unsatisfying overall beer experience. HopZero® allows brewers to add high quality extracts to low and zero alcohol base beers to deliver a genuine beer experience”

Totally Natural Solutions HopInspiration® range, artfully combines a selection of over 150 natural hop extracts for late hop, dry hop and bittering replacement, giving the user a range of benefits including consistent hop aroma, intense natural flavour as well as being dependable and therefore cost effective.

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