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After many months (even years) of planning, due to covid, Gareth Williams – Co Founder of Tiny Rebel – hosted a tour and beer tasting.

The original co-founder (together with Brad Cummings), of now 165 co-founders, Gareth oversees a 60,000hl brewery, employing 160 production, bar and office staff.

Gareth trained as an industrial technician, after time in New Zealand.  As a keen homebrewer and a lover of real ale, Gareth and Brad both invested £500 to purchase a new homebrew kit.  They soon outgrew their location (Brad’s father’s garage), obtained a bank loan, purchased a 12bbl brew kit with open top fermenters and launched four brands.

The last 10 years have seen the brewery scoop a number of awards, including Camra’s Champion Beer of Britain in 2015 with Cwtch.

Originally a cask only brewery (cask beers with a twist of US hops), Tiny Rebel has evolved to comprise around 50% keg, 40% cans and 10% cask (cask re-establishing post covid), reflecting the change in beer trends and, themselves, leading the way in innovative beer styles.

The brewery owns three bars, with two more to open (both in England).

Five years ago, when the current brewery was built, it was hard to believe that Tiny Rebel would outgrow their footprint but, plans are in place to build a new, 80,000sqft brewery on adjacent land within the next four years.

What other NPD is in the mix?  A distillery is under discussion, showcasing the Tiny Rebel twist on gin, vodka and rum.

Where did the Tiny Rebel name come from?  Brad’s brother can claim that one, coming from the name of his computer games business.  The iconic logo is the work of Tamsin Baker, who is responsible for all marketing design.

What was the beer that inspired Gareth to start his brewing journey?  Brew Dog’s Punk IPA and US style beers of the day.

Three beers were tasted, post tour:

Clwb Tropica – a 5.5% IPA

Using Simcoe, Mosaic and Citra hops, plus pineapple, peaches, mango and passionfruit, this hazy, tropical on the nose beer proved to be totally refreshing on a hot summer’s evening.

Hot off the press – Clwb Tropica will reduce to 5% in Keg as at 1st July to increase sessionability and accessibility.

Afterglow – 6.5% Juice IPA

A new beer, using yuzu, pineapple and tangerine, this beer (based on Pineapple Express) has a mouthfeel as big as its taste.

Milky – 6%

Remember milk bottle sweets?  This beer will take your nose right back to your childhood.  Vanilla extract and a large amount of lactose bring a huge mouthfeel.  Sweet, with a great aroma, this is a beer not to be missed but, my advice, you don’t need to order a pint…

Tiny Rebel are celebrating their 10th birthday via a number of events (Rebel Fest), marketing initiatives (Birthday Box) and staff benefits (Bear Benefits).

Happy Birthday Tiny Rebel, may you have decades more in front of you!

The brewery opened 10 years ago this year.

Click here to view the photos from the tour

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