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Underdog Beer Competition


Every year, a hop is chosen from the underappreciated minority for our Underdog Competition. Those that few know about, and/or are overlooked for the high fliers. This year, that hop is Comet. Your challenge is to take this hop and, ensuring it makes up at least 50% of your mix, make it shine. There’s another twist though. You’re not allowed to use any of the most popular varieties. No Amarillo, Citra, Galaxy, Mosaic, Simcoe, Vic Secret or Enigma.

If you accept this challenge, you will get a 20% discount code with your confirmation email.

But what’s in it for you? Other than increasing the social standing of an incredible hop, you will be well rewarded. Straight away, you will receive £2,500. But that’s not all. Over the year you will also be the beneficiary of a £10,000 travel fund, giving you access to the greatest craft industry events around. We’ll cover your subsistence and travel expenses, so you can enjoy the many amazing hoppy opportunities around the world. Overall, this year long package is a prize worth £12,500, but that’s nothing compared to the friendships, knowledge and exposure that goes alongside it.

All of the rules and details, as well as registration, can be found at, but for a glance at what your 2019 could look like,



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