Supplying the brewing, food and beverage industry.

Unrivalled dosing accuracies in your food production processes

Qdos peristaltic pumps provide an efficient, high accuracy metering solution for food and beverage production. Well-established in other industries Qdos pumps now carry FDA and EC1935/2004 certification.

  • Precision metering improves process performance
  • Gentle peristaltic pumping action maintains product integrity
  • Complete fluid containment eliminates risk of spillage

Outstanding accuracy for consistent product quality

Offering high accuracy (20,000:1 turndown ratio and linear +/- 1% accuracy) Qdos pumps provide a value-based solution in dosing and metering applications such as water conditioning, colour, flavour and vitamin addition, or viscosity modifiers. +/- 0.5% repeatability further helps to maintain continuous product consistency.

Rapid maintenance to maximise uptime

Qdos pumps bring assured metering accuracy whilst simplifying maintenance and reducing downtime through the unique ReNu™ pumphead. ReNu technology is a patented tool-free pumphead that fully contains fluid, keeping your production area clean and free from contamination risk.

Certified for a complete solution

Qdos pumps carry certification required to integrate into your food and beverage processing applications.

  • EC1935/2004, EU regulation 10/2011
  • FDA regulation 21CFR parts 170-199

Our solutions come backed by a global network of industry specialists who can provide quick technical and sales support wherever you are in the world.

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Ruth Evans

Ruth Evans

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Supplying the brewing, food and beverage industry.

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