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Utilising a Portable CO2 Detector for Pub Engineers and Drinks Delivery Drivers

Utilising a Portable CO2 detector for delivery drivers

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Typically, people may think that a portable CO2 detector will only need to be utilised in drink creation and bottling. However, CO2 can be present throughout the process, from creation all the way to the shop front or pub. Thus, it is vital to implement a portable CO2 detector wherever it is present to prevent exposure to this hazardous gas. 2 very at risk yet sometimes not considered teams can include pub engineers and drinks delivery drivers. But how at risk really are these 2 teams? Well, this article aims to tackle this question. We will discuss where these teams may come into contact with CO2 and how essential it is for them to have a portable CO2 detector to prevent exposure.

What are the Dangers of CO2?

CO2 is naturally present in the atmosphere at 0.037% but is classed as a substance hazardous to health under COSHH. At room temperature and atmospheric pressure CO2 is a colourless and odourless gas and, because of this, people are unable to see it or smell it at elevated concentrations. And due to the natural concentration already in the air we breathe, concentrations can rise quickly if a leak occurs.

Although not flammable, CO2 can cause headaches, dizziness, confusion and loss of consciousness at high concentrations. Since CO2 is heavier than air, fatalities from asphyxiation have occurred when it has entered confined spaces at high concentrations and displaced oxygen. Therefore, it is vital to implement a portable CO2 detector in breweries, where mass amounts of CO2 is used and confined spaces are common.

Find out more about the UK Government regulations on CO2 gas here

Why Are Pub Engineers and Delivery Drivers at Risk?

Pub engineers are personnel who perform general maintenance on pubs, including fitting kegs and piping etc. Thus, pub engineers spend the majority of their time within a pub cellar during their working days. Within pub cellars, CO2 cannisters are used as they are part of the system to deliver carbonated beer to the beer taps. CO2 cannisters are often stores with bottles of carbonated drinks too, so there is a large amount of CO2 stored on site within the cellars.

With pub engineers travelling across various pubs in the UK, they will come across various cellars with varying levels of safety. Thus, pub engineers could come across big CO2 leaks without any notification, putting themselves at risk of asphyxiation. So, it is vital these engineers carry a portable CO2 detector to prevent the risks to themselves.

Delivery drivers are often at risk for similar reasons. When delivering drinks, they frequently enter pub cellars and storage areas to deliver these products. And as mentioned above, these areas are almost always filled with CO2 cannisters stored with the beverages. Thus, if a leak of CO2 were to occur, it would build up rapidly due to the confined nature of the cellars. And if the delivery driver was not wearing a portable CO2 detector, they would be at high risk of asphyxiation.

How Can I Mitigate Hazards from CO2 Within My Team?

The most effective way to mitigate hazards to your team is by providing a portable CO2 detector to each pub engineer and delivery driver you work with. At IGD, we have over a century of experience in gas detection, thus we can provide a detectably better solution for portable CO2 detection.

They recommend using the iGAS portable CO2 detector from SENKO. With an average sensor life of 5-7 years, this not only reduces the maintenance costs but increases the time in which you have an accurate and reliable portable CO2 detector. The iGAS offers the longest lifetime on the market at 14 days from a single charge. Perfect for delivery drivers and pub engineers who are constantly travelling yet need continuous CO2 personal monitoring. However, should your iGAS portable CO2 detector run out of battery whilst on the road, it is chargeable on the go! As the iGAS charger can be easily plugged into any vehicle USB port. Additionally, it is the most durable portable CO2 detector available on the market, rated at IP68. Thus, making it the perfect companion for pub engineers and delivery drivers who handle a wide variety of environments and are susceptible to liquid splashes in their day-to-day work.

Contact IGD today

IGD are the UKs approved manufacturer and distributor for all SENKO portables in our range, thus we can offer full expert servicing and support on the iGAS portable CO2 detector. And with us being the oldest gas detection company in the world, you can be sure that you are receiving the best CO2 gas detection support and advice. Contact them today to find out more about their product offerings and how IGD can help you in your gas detection requirements.

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