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Velx MDU Maximises Beer Sales at Etihad and British Summer Festivals


Velx MDU Maximises Beer Sales at Etihad and British Summer Festivals

Developed during lockdown, our Velx MDU was launched this summer in time for some of Britain’s best festivals. OBC got the season off to a great start at Kenwood House Concert, with ten MDUs pouring over 3500 pints within two hours of the gates opening. Other gigs on this year’s circuit included Isle of Wight Festival, The Neighbourhood Weekender in Victoria Park, South of England Showground Festival, Reading Festival, Saffron Walden Carnival, Kendal Calling and the Victorious Festival Portsmouth.  With a total of 30 MDUs on the circuit we estimate that we helped operators pour an impressive 350,000 pints at these festivals alone.

The Velx MDU’s simple operation, fast pour speed and uncomplicated setup is designed to maximize festival operators’ draught beer operations.

Etihad Stadium Doubles Beer Sales
Installed in record time under direction of Asahi Technical Services our Velx MDU and Swift Taps have transformed beer operations at the Etihad stadium. In under two weeks the Asahi team upgraded the dispense system which included the installation of 30 Velx MDUs and 20 Swift taps.

Every great result for Man City this season was followed by a win for the stadium beverage teams with beer sales doubled since the introduction of the Velx Taps.

Vortex-I the World’s Most Advanced Beer-Line Cleaner Gets its Intro at Drinktec 2022

After a two year wait, we got to meet some of our global friends and customers at Drinktec 2022 in Munich. At this year’s show we introduced our most advanced beer line cleaner to date, Vortex-I.

Designed and develop in partnership with the dispense team at Agora Brewery, in Zaragoza Spain. Vortex-I brings brewery cleaning process into every outlet. Based on our Vortex technology the Vortex-I uses hot detergent and turbulence to improve the cleaning power by 500% compared to traditional soak cleaning.

The system is completely automatic. Once set up, smart algorithms automatically rinse the lines to a drain, charge the lines with hot detergent and optimize the flow to ensure it is turbulent. There is no need for any buckets or operator intervention. At the end of the clean, all process data is transferred to the VerifyClean web app so that brewers can be assured that every line is cleaned to the highest standard. Vortex-I improves, beer line hygiene, beer quality, sales, and profits. See our product spotlight video below for more details. 

We are currently working with Agora Technical Service to rollout 150 Vortex-I units and VerifyClean software to its service partners.


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