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Verder releases the new Verderair e-PURE – a new technology



The Verderair e-PURE electrically driven double diaphragm pump uses revolutionary kind of technology for diaphragm pumps. This pump series works using a horizontal fluid path, which gives a more energy efficient process. The pump does not need expensive compressed air, so there are less maintenance costs, lower energy consumption and a longer life span of the pump. The pump housing is manufactured from solid machined PTFE or PE (UHMW). The other wetted parts are made from PEEK and SS 316L. The e-PURE ensures a sustainable solution combined with diaphragm pump advantages.

In e-PURE diaphragm pumps the fluid moves through the pump horizontally. The electric drive ensures the reciprocating movement of the diaphragms so that the diaphragm chambers are alternately filled and pressed. This pump design utilises flapper valves instead of ball valves, a reduced number of flow bends and moving parts resulting in less friction losses. The speed of the fluid and the energy efficiency of these pumps is therefore optimal. The direct results are reduced maintenance, lower energy costs and a longer life time. High speed low stroke technology enables low pulsation.

This is the future of sustainable diaphragm pumps from a manufacturer who continues to innovate and improve technology in the pump industry.

To find out more about the Verderair e-PURE, click here

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