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Verderflex Dura 65 by Verder


Product by Verder.

The D65 has been designed with enhanced performance in mind. The casing of the pump features an advanced cast iron design which increases durability for longer pump life and each of the components’ materials have been carefully selected to further prolong the pump’s lifespan. The D65 features a compact footprint which requires up to 70% less floor space than other comparable pumps. Although the D65 is smaller in size, it realises the same or higher flow than similar products. The hose is easy to change and can be swapped in situ, reducing maintenance costs, and removing the need for heavy lifting equipment to service the pump. The front cover window allows inspection of the pump parts without the requirement to remove the whole pump case. The window can be opened to check the shims and lubricant levels without dismantling the whole pump. Total isolation between gearbox and motor gives zero possibility of contamination of the lubricants and ultimately reduces the risk of gearbox damage.

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