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Can you remember the last time you received any practical training within this industry? Do your new starters get thrown in at the deep end, where they have to learn bad habits and re in force misconceptions from others who have not received adequate training in the first place.

For most people that we talk to within the industry, this seems to be the norm. Yet, if you look at other industries such as the electrical, plumbing, and building, there is much more documented and regulated training.

Let’s look at one example – Gas Pressure Systems Regulations.  Are your staff trained by a “competent person” to enable them to correctly add to existing pressure systems as per the BBPA code of practise and pressure systems safety regulations? If not, you could potentially be breaking the H&S laws. However, everyone is well aware that systems are being tapped into, not always by qualified or trained people. Simply put, gas bottles are potential bombs. Both the BFBI and ITS provide training in this area.

We are working hard with the BFBI to standardize and improve the quality of both theoretical and practical training so that the bar is significantly raised for new and existing employees. This in turn up skills them and contributes to a more professional industry.

We specialise in practical, hands- on training in all aspects of cellar management and beer dispense and pride ourselves in taking trainees to the highest industry standards of workmanship.

Our workshop and training facilities are based centrally in Newark, East Midlands and we have a selection of courses available as well as the facility to tailor make any course on request.

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Nikita BFBi

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