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Where And Why Would You Need A Safe Area Approved VOC Gas Detector?


Gas detection is almost always categorised by being either fixed or portable detection, but each of these categories can be further classified as either ATEX or safe area area detection. ATEX rated gas detectors are suitable for explosive atmospheres, known as ATEX zones. These are areas where we can expect flammable gases and/or vapours to be present. Safe area detection is suitable for all other areas that aren’t explosive atmospheres, there are many examples. ATEX and safe area VOC gas detectors can be used in a wide array of applications, where and when you need safe area detectors needs to be understood. Read below to find out more about where a safe area VOC gas detectors should be implemented and why they are more suited to that application than ATEX.

Why Would You Need a Safe Area VOC Gas Detector?

ATEX VOC gas detectors go through a wide range of requirements to make them safe for use in in potentially explosive environments. ATEX equipment extends to much more than just gas detection. In fact any item of electrical equipment to be installed into an ATEX rated zone must meet ATEX protection requirements. There are many ways to achieve this. Examples could be intrinsically safe designs, explosion proof designs, oil filled, air blown and more. Although this ensures the electrical equipment, in this case a VOC gas detector is safe in almost any environment, the price is also significantly increased with many limitations regarding installation. In many applications such as laboratories, clean rooms, air quality monitoring, ATEX ratings are not relevant. So in non ATEX zoned environments IGD recommend a safe area detector. International Gas Detectors safe area detectors use all the same sensors, electronics and software and go through the same sensor testing and quality systems as our ATEX models. They apply all the same product testing regimes the only difference is the housing, if you don’t need ATEX then you don’t need to pay for it.

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Where Would You Need a Safe Area VOC Detector?

Industries such as the glue, paint and chemical manufacturing industries are commonplace to find VOC’s, as they are emitted during the process of manufacturing as well as the materials being used also being VOC’s. In many cases due to the quantity of material and possible flammability these can be ATEX zoned areas. VOC’s in these applications can easily leak to atmosphere, so  VOC gas detectors are essential to prevent overexposure. But remember its only necessary to fit ATEX into areas that are ATEX zoned.

VOC gas detectors for safe areas may be used in environmental emission tracking and research facilities. VOCs are generally polluting to the atmosphere. VOCs react with nitrogen oxides to create ozone which is detrimental to the atmosphere. These can be commonly found in the air as well as in water, so to prevent water and air pollution a VOC gas detector is crucial.

Non ATEX applications may include: Laboratories, clean rooms, medical, industrial hygiene and pharmaceutical applications. The nature of the research being carried out liberates VOCs or possibly the cleaning regimes so a safe area VOC gas detector is required.

Which Safe Area VOC Gas Detector Should I Choose?

As demonstrated, safe area VOC gas detectors are needed in a wide variety of industries, but which safe area VOC gas detector is best? At IGD we have over a century of experience with gas detection and over two decades in PID technology. This enables us to offer the best in-class VOC gas detector guidance along with the most suitable monitors for your needs.

At IGD we recommend using the TOC-750 or TOC-750S VOC gas detectors for safe areas. This fixed device comes equipped with IGDs revolutionary new PID technology, with a non-electrode UV lamp and unique electrode stack. With the non-electrode stack, lamp life is extended by 50% above market average and the common issues of sputtering are eliminated. Humidity is also negated in this VOC gas detector with the outstanding electrode stack design.

This exceptional technology is available on IGDs Sentinel+™ technology. Our 2-Wire addressable system reduces the installation costs of the VOC gas detector by 70%, with the added bonus of live digital data and 80% more capability per detector. All of this can be supported by IGDs 10 year warranty, guaranteeing system competence and care from our expert service team.

Contact us today to find out more about the 750 VOC gas detector or check out the TOC-750 safe area VOC gas detector product page here.

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