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Who’s In My Back Yard (WIMBY)


Who’s In My Back Yard (WIMBY) are our networking sessions, which continue to be a great success. The events bring together early career professionals in land-based industries in an informal and relaxed setting, usually with drinks and a cheeseboard! It’s the only local event of its kind for people in water resources, hydrology, hydrogeology, surveying and other related fields.

In September, our friendly Midlands team welcomed back familiar faces to our Draycott office and introduced new ones to our growing young professionals’ community. Whilst in May, our equally friendly Northern team rolled out the first WIMBY session at our office in Aske.

Providing a platform for our more junior staff and others to build quality relationships with others in complementary industries gives them an advantage that will benefit them throughout their careers.

If you want to get involved in one our next events then contact Lauren Moore on 01332 871882 for more details.

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