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Who’s Speaking At Our #BHUC2019?

Bore Hole Users Conf 2019

Our #BHUC2019 is the essential professional forum for anyone who uses, manages, owns or plans to develop a borehole based water supply.

The conference features pragmatic presentations from industry experts. Here are the people speaking at the #BHUC2019 this year.

Georg Houben, our keynote speaker, is Deputy Head of the “Groundwater Resources” department at the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources in Hannover. His talk is titled: ‘Ageing and rehabilitation of water wells – experiences from Germany’.

Phil Merrin, previously of United Utilities Water, is a qualified Hydrogeologist with over 22 years’ experience. Phil’s talk will offer a water company view of proactive versus reactive maintenance and rehabilitation of boreholes and the problems encountered.

Dr Phil Ham, Managing Director at Envireau Water is a Hydrogeologist specialising in borehole development and maintenance. His talk will look at what borehole rehabilitation means in practice for operators, and how borehole performance should be monitored.

James Whitford, Managing Director of European Geophysical Services Ltd has over 23 years’ experience in borehole geophysical and CCTV surveys for the water, site investigation and mineral industries. His talk is titled: ‘Borehole Inspection: Methods, Why and When?.

Rick Brassington is the Visiting Professor of Hydrogeology at Newcastle University and an Independent Consultant Hydrogeologist. His talk will focus on the chemical cleaning of boreholes and will be based on experiments conducted by students at Newcastle University.

Michael Bushby, from Drilcorp, has been in the drilling industry for 37 years. Borehole Engineering services at Drilcorp are always at the forefront of innovation under Michael’s supervision. His talk will explore restoring boreholes with high pressure jetting equipment.

Paul Avis is a Senior Technical Officer with Eden District Council and has been involved with private water supplies since 1990. His talk with Sara Watson will discuss pragmatic ways of working within the 2018 Water Quality Regulations.

Adam Neillings designs, installs and maintains drinking water systems throughout the UK with Prosep Filter Systems Ltd. His talk will focus on ‘Water Treatment’ – how domestic and small supply treatment systems work and how to identify them on site.

Sound interesting?

There are just 3 weeks left to secure your place at this year’s conference…don’t miss out!

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