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Why Is The BSL Gas Blender So Good?


BSL have built more than 150,000 Gas Blenders in the last 30 years for beer dispense alone. The specifications originally came from the Brewing Industry and the first designs were created by Merton Fallon and Tom Clements. The first Gas Blenders were built by BSL and the order for the first 400 units were for integration into Nitrogen Generators.

The specifications had a few requirements to meet which as far as the Brewing Industry were concerned, were particular to their application. The Gas Blender had to be;

  • Compact, lightweight and very reliable.
  • It had to deliver an accurate mix of CO2 and N2
  • It had to be tamperproof.
  • It had to be completely mechanical.
  • It had to deliver a true flow range 0.4 to 40 l/min of mixed gas.
  • Accuracy had to be better than +/- 2 % across the entire flow range.
  • Mixture can be anywhere between 20% and 80% CO2 in N2.
  • The mixer must not supply any gas if either gas source fails.
  • Free from electric or electronic requirements.

From this clever design, we have developed our Gas Blender to suit a number of applications. They are also available with up to 3 gas mixes out, which can be used at the same time.

So, if you like the idea of creating your own gas mixtures with great accuracy and reliability then talk to us!

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