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Wild Goose Filling Adds Direct Support for UK and Ireland


ALKMAAR, The Netherlands — Wild Goose Filling, the leader in craft beverage canning and bottling systems, has expanded its localized sales and service capabilities to support increased craft packaging in the United Kingdom and Ireland.


Wild Goose now offers direct equipment service, support, spare parts supply and training for UK and Irish craft brewers operating Wild Goose canning and Meheen bottling systems. In addition, the company’s European offices, based in The Netherlands and Spain, also provide multilingual sales and financing assistance for Wild Goose’s CE-marked equipment. The company already directly serves hundreds of craft producers and mobile packaging providers throughout Europe, with more than 2,200 systems installed worldwide.


Wild Goose’s localized approach comes as craft producers continue the “packaging pivot” to meet rising can and bottle demand and pandemic-proof their business models. Said Wild Goose’s chief executive officer Chris Fergen, “We know our craft customers’ “new normal” may lean more heavily on packaging even after our industry overcomes the challenges of the pandemic. We want to make sure current and future customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland have direct service from our Wild Goose team.”


With the popularity of Wild Goose’s newest tabletop canning system, the Gosling, as well as its flagship canning and bottling systems, the updated direct structure moves to best serve the company’s growing UK and Irish customer base. Said Fergen, “Customers may want to flex with available can supply and offer new can sizes on their Gosling QuickChange. Maybe they are ready to upgrade canning speed on their Evolution Series system. Or, they are looking to add a unique bottle format to their Meheen line. By growing our European staff and service model, we are now able to offer comprehensive, time-zone-friendly support, parts shipping and expert service for all of those customers directly from Goose.”

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