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Wild Goose Hatches Gosling 2.0 Canning Machine


From the entry-level Gosling to the expandable Evolution Series, counterpressure-atmospheric Fusion canning lines or Meheen bottling lines, Wild Goose has the right filling system to support you now and into the future.

The Gosling™ canning system makes your dream of a professional small-volume canning run a reality, and Wild Goose helps you get it done fast.

Featuring an all-new user interface with an embedded touchscreen along with dozens of other user-friendly updates, the newest Gosling 2.0 gives operators of all skill levels a fast, intuitive canning experience.

Next generation versatility.

The first canning system to offer dual counter pressure and atmospheric filling, the Fusion™ canning system handles a wide range of product types and conditions.

“Set-it-and-forget it” precision filling controls, fast cycle speeds and simple can size changeover and make Fusion 2.0 the all-purpose beverage canning solution.

Wild Goose is your partner in packaging, ready to support your unique canning and bottling needs.

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