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Work towards net zero with Clear Brew

Fortunately, it is on every industry’s agenda to do their bit for the environment by reducing their carbon footprint. Bars around the country are coming up with innovative ways of doing this, from paper straws to multi use bottles, all in the quest to becoming net zero.

If Clear Brew told you there was a service that, by default, will help you not only significantly reduce your carbon footprint but in doing so, enhance the quality of your beer, save money and reduce waste, you would probably think it was some sort of marketing scam. It is however no scam, Clear Brew the UK’s leading independent beer line cleans have been successfully cleaning beer lines up and down the country for over 15 years.

Their established cleaning processes significantly reduce water usage; reduce waste associated with traditional cleaning methods; refrain from using CO₂; use natural energy sources to facilitate the use of longer cleaning schedules; and provide a National network of local technicians to help reduce road miles.

You may well ask, where is the compromise? Well, there isn’t one. They have references from bars, hotels and sporting venues, up and down the country, that explain how Clear Brew have not only managed to take over the onerous task of line cleaning, but in doing so, have improved beer quality, saved money and mostly importantly assisted them in their quest to become carbon neutral.

To further demonstrate that these aren’t just bold claims, they will pop along to your venue, carry out a clean, FREE of charge, and through careful measuring and data collection, provide you with a full quotation that clearly demonstrates the savings you make to your carbon footprint and also your bank balance.

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