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YoLong’s ‘Our microbrewery installation is efficient and easy to use’

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Microbrewery equipment installations can be found in restaurants, pubs, and bars all over the world. They are not just there to provide people with something interesting at which to look: microbreweries produce craft beer for visitors and customers to drink on the premises, for sale at select distributors, and for mail order deliveries.

A YoLong microbrewery installation is efficient and easy to use. They pride ourselves on providing an uncomplicated layout for every YoLong microbrewery system. Craft brewers want perfect results every time, and YoLong systems are designed to facilitate that at each step.

YoLong microbreweries enable beginner brewmasters and craft beer professionals alike to produce deliciously drinkable beverages every time. Every piece of YoLong microbrewery equipment is custom designed as a combination of the brewers’ ideas and input linked to that special beer formula or recipe you want to create.


Microbrewery equipment can be found in any brewery which requires more than one person to run the system. The term “microbrewery” is used to describe any craft beer production facility where a certain volume of beer is produced every year.

Why Choose YoLong to Supply All Your Microbrewery Equipment Needs?

All of YoLong’s microbrewery equipment is produced to the highest exact specifications. Every stage of their brewery equipment production process is rigorously overseen and seamlessly finished, before being thoroughly tested ahead of shipping and installation approval. Nothing less than absolute engineering perfection is accepted.

No matter how extraordinary your request, YoLong can handle it. YoLong understand there are many brewery geniuses out there, and if you have come up with an ingenious way to brew beer, you can rely on YoLong to bring your dream to reality. They can work off patented blueprints or even help you to perfect your concept, design, or project with their in-house team of experts.

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