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BARTHHAAS is a leading global supplier of hop products and all the services relating to them. We combine expert advice that inspires, with the most valued portfolio of hops. Contact us for how to use hops and hop products creatively and efficiently. Ours is the story of a passion that never ends!

The trade association for all British hop growers. We fund and deliver a new hop variety development programme through our subsidiary Wye Hops Ltd.

We have one of the largest hop variety ranges available, in both gas-flushed leaf and T90 pellets. Our hop development programme (founded in 2009) now operates in five countries. This allows us to produce fantastic new hop aromas and flavours! We also stock a huge collection of malt, yeast, brewing aids and other products.

The UK’s leading hop grower co-operative, offering a wide selection of varieties from the traditional to the newly bred low trellis. We also help fund hop research and development of new varieties, which also includes harvest data, variety development and optimisation.

Loughran Brewers Select brings the world’s best brewing ingredients to the world’s best brewers by connecting the craft beers industry’s top people, farms and supplies. The world’s finest  hops, malt, yeast and adjuncts -and know KeyKeg  to – all on one pallet, delivered the next working day.





Lupofresh Ltd is an international hop merchant supplying products of all varieties worldwide. It sources hops from hop farms with whom it has a common ownership, as well as third party hop suppliers. It works closely with its customers to develop their special needs. It provides in-house storage and distribution.

Morris Hanbury Ltd is an international hop merchanting company providing hop processing and manufacturing, as well as storage and distribution of hops and hop products for its customers and third parties.

Hop merchants and processors of hops and downstream hop products.

Totally Natural Solutions® specialises in innovative natural hop aroma and flavours. The HopInspiration® product range is designed for brewing and beverage applications as an easy to use alternative to traditional kettle additions of hop. R&D and QC labs for beer analysis and sensory profiling. FSC22000 accredited

Yakima Chief Hops is a 100% grower-owned American hop company made up of 14 multi-generational family hop farms across Washington, Oregon, Idaho and many more allied growers globally. Operating for more than 30 years, Yakima Chief Hops has a clear mission to connect family hop farms with the world’s finest brewers.

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