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Celli UK is composed of Angram, ADS2 and MF Refrigeration and specialises in the design and manufacturer of drinks dispense and beer cooling equipment with over 40 years’ experience. Manufacturer of traditional beer engines, T-bars and Lo-liners (free-flow and metered). Refurbishment service with full manufacturer’s warranty. A wide range of customised and off-the-shelf fonts. Design and development in-house, branding and bespoke equipment, tooling plant, CNC precision engineering, rapid prototyping and online shop.

Promoting the economic benefits of environmental responsibility to businesses in the UK and Europe, helping them become more efficient, sustainable and profitable.

Hubbard produces a range of refrigeration systems for all beer and wine cellars. Also available are two money-saving units in the form of the Hubbard ATU Air Transfer Unit which reduces the need for cellar conditioning, and the Hubbard HR Heat Recovery unit that converts waste heat into hot water for heating or washing.

Hydratech specialise in the manufacture of high-performance glycols, antifreeze fluids, inhibitors and cleansers for the food and beverage industry. The Coolflow range of non-toxic glycols are industry proven to improve system efficiency and save energy. Hydratech also provide specialist engineering and maintenance services.

Offering total cooling solutions from refrigeration solution design, supply and install to service, maintenance and on-going support. Our key markets cover food processing, chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, marine, cold storage, district heating, retail and the leisure industries.

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