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12th Wandsworth Common Spring Beer & Cider Festival

As ever the festival begins with the legendary Preview Night where All 100 beers and all 25 ciders are available to drink for just £35. This is the early bird price. It will change as we near March 30th to become £50 the week ending March 30th. So get in now and purchase your £35 ticket NOW! Its a no brainer. £35  (If you have a non beer or cider drinker with you they can drink Red, White or Rosé wines instead for their £35).

There is a new session this year with Friday split into LUNCH £10 & EVENING £12
If in doubt as to whether you want a lunch Friday or Evening Friday ticket. Get an evening ticket & arrive early. Please note this festival can take CASH or CARD.

There is a massive selection of new, hard to find, and genuinely unique beers this time round. This festival is once again a beer tickers paradise with so many new, obscure and hard to source beers. There will be 100 cask beers and 25 ciders throughout the festival.

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