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BFBi & Crowcon Presents Working Towards Net Zero :The Role of Hydrogen Power

Hydrogen is set to play a vital role in producing cleaner energy. Specific governments including the UK have set targets to make the country a thriving hydrogen economy by 2030. With the shift to hydrogen as a clean fuel, and the emphasis on its usage globally, our webinar will explore why it is important for the relevant people, within industries that will look to utilise hydrogen, to gain a full awareness of the dangers and impact of this shift, our Principal Scientist, Paul Basham explains all. Please send any questions you may have prior to the webinar.

Webinar content:

• What is hydrogen power, (green, vs brown, vs Grey) and how its produced?

• How deliverable is hydrogen in terms of infrastructure and what volume of power generated from Hydrogen vs wind?

• Where has it been used and who by? i.e Diageo for furnaces and Hospitals for emergency power (see the Halma/ Crowcon video), Airbus, Rolls Royce, Ricardo……

• Who is currently investing in it? i.e which countries are producing, and which governments are investing?

Webinar will start at 8:15am-9am

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