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BFBi Tour of Harbour Brewery

Situated in the heart of North Cornwall, Harbour Brewing is an independent brewer producing balanced refreshing lagers and ales. Their soft natural spring water suits the brewing of lagers and their core lines include a delicious Helles lager and a refreshing Pilsner, as well as a range of delicious cask beers.

Harbour have been brewing since 2012 and have a 50hl brewhouse and in house canning and bottling at the original production facility. Currently working across two sites, the second site includes the pilot plant facility, including Harbour brewing’s sour brewing set up. There are 3 foudres on site, as well as a selection of lambic brews aging in wood.

Please note that Harbour Brewing have 2 sites and you will need to be able to drive/carshare between the 2 as the Main Brewery is on a different site to the Sour and Pilot Brewery. We will meet at the main manufacturing site and anyone wishing to see the Pilot Plant would need to drive.

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Supplying the brewing, food and beverage industry.

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