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‘COP 26 – Beverage Industry Implications’ Half-Day Webinar

The Brewing Engineers Association with promotional support from the Institute of Brewing & Distilling has brought together a group of expert speakers who will discuss current challenges faced by Brewing Engineers. This event could be useful for those sitting the relevant IBD exams.

The presentation titles are:

Development of a Net Zero Pathway for the Brewing Sector Steve Livens

British Beer and Pub Association


Net Zero Carbon for Brewers Will Todd

Carbon Architecture


Water efficiency in the Beverage industry – Taking the next step Soren Nohr Bak



Process optimisation & system integration of pumps & control systems Chris Soulsby

Grundfos Pumps



There will be no charge for attending this webinar. However, early application is advised as the popularity of these seminars means they can become over-subscribed.#


Applications for you and your colleagues should be made to:

Presentation Summaries

“Development of a Net Zero Pathway for the Brewing Sector” 

Presented by: STEVE LIVENS, Policy Manager – Product Assurance & Supply Chain at the British Beer and Pub Association

Climate change presents one of the greatest threats that modern humanity has ever faced and in 2019, the UK became the first major economy to legislate to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050

This presentation will lay out the context to an ambitious, sectoral net-zero roadmap to help support the UK brewing industry to establish credible strategies to play their part in responding to the climate crisis

“Net Zero Carbon for Brewers” 

Presented by: WILL TODD, CEO of Carbon Architecture

Following on from the session by Steve Livens on understanding the net zero context and brewing industry drivers, we will deliver a brewing centric perspective of how to develop a net zero roadmap and its implications, including; baseline measurement, target setting, reducing impact, offsetting.

Water efficiency in the Beverage industry – Taking the next step”

Presented by: SOREN NOHR BAK,  Expertise Director of Water in Food and Beverage, Niras Denmark

Demands for increased water efficiency in the Food Industry is driving many companies toward consideration of water recycling as a way to obtain their business objectives.

One such company is Carlsberg that have committed to reaching Zero Waste Water in their operation. This leads to a breath-taking ambition of lowering the water consumption in Operation by 50% and setting new standards on what can be achieved.

“Process optimisation & system integration of pumps & control systems ….” 

Presented by: CHRIS SOULSBY, Sales Engineer for Industry, Grundfos Pumps

“…covering system testing methods and analysis of pump performance with a focus on control philosophies to deliver energy savings (electricity & gas) including water re-use/treatment of rinse applications.”