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Food defence and food fraud (TACCP/VACCP) – foundation live online tutor-led training course

A core element of the defence of food is a systematic evaluation of vulnerable elements of the supply chain carried out by an experienced and trusted team. This has more emphasis in BRCGS Global Standard for Food Safety issue 9 (August 2022 onwards). One of the tools for performing this evaluation has been called Threat Assessment and Critical Control Point (TACCP). This reflects established procedures for risk management and is likely that organisations will increasingly incorporate it into crisis and / or business continuity management frameworks.

Roles that would benefit from attending the training are technical staff from within organisations, but also staff from manufacturing, purchasing and those responsible for site security, HR and IT who would form an integral part of the TACCP team.

This live, interactive online course will be delivered  over the course of one day (0900 – 1700 hours approx),  participants will be sent log in details for a WebEx Training session.


Members – £575 + VAT
Non-members – £745 + VAT