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Nijhuis Webinar – How to reduce carbon & recover renewable biogas / energy

Are you interested in how you can recover carbon, offset natural gas usage and produce electricity from your industrial effluent? Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to learn about highrate anaerobic digestion technology, whether your site is suitable and the potential financial and sustainability savings that could be achieved.

Webinar Title: How to reduce carbon & recover renewable biogas / energy from your industrial effluent – Highrate Anaerobic digestion – what? Why? how?

Abstract: Discover the transformative benefits of high-rate anaerobic digestion (AD) in the FDM industry. This webinar highlights how high-rate AD not only efficiently breaks down organic waste but also significantly reduces carbon emissions by generating renewable biogas. We will explore the operational advantages, environmental impact, and financial gains, including substantial carbon savings and reduced dependency on fossil fuels. Experts will present case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of high-rate AD in achieving regulatory compliance and advancing sustainability goals. Practical advice on assessing feasibility and integrating this technology into existing systems will also be provided. Ideal for FDM industry professionals aiming to enhance sustainability and operational efficiency.

Target Audience: Site & Facility managers, siyte developers, process engineers, environmental engineers, and sustainability officers in the FDM industry.

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