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Nijhuis Webinar – Safeguard your water course discharge.

Safeguard your water course discharge of your site in line with FDM BREF BAT AEL Standards: When, What, Why & Pathway to compliance  

This webinar offers an introduction to new water discharge limits being implemented in the UK FDM industry, requiring major changes and investments to existing or new infrastructure, these new limits are associated with the Best Available Techniques (BAT) Associated Emission Levels (AELs) and their critical role in regulating watercourse discharges within the Food, Drink, and Milk (FDM) industry. As environmental regulations tighten, understanding and implementing BAT AELs becomes crucial for industry compliance and sustainability.

The session will begin with an introduction to what BAT AELs are, particularly focusing on their relevance to the discharge of pollutants into watercourses from FDM operations. Participants will gain insights into why adhering to these standards is a regulatory requirement and a key component in safeguarding there day to day operations.

Following the introduction, the webinar will delve into the importance of these guidelines, discussing the potential environmental impacts of non-compliance and the benefits of maintaining rigorous emission standards.

The latter part of the session will outline a clear pathway to compliance, providing participants with practical steps and resources necessary for meeting or exceeding the AELs set forth by BAT.

Join us to equip yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complexities of environmental compliance in the FDM industry, ensuring your operations contribute positively to environmental sustainability.

Target Audience: This webinar is designed for environmental compliance officers, plant managers, sustainability coordinators, and other stakeholders in the FDM industry who are responsible for environmental management and regulatory compliance.

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