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Online Conference by Campden BRI: Hot Topics in Microbiology

Day 1 – Tuesday 12th October

Fermentative foods: Microbiology, biochemistry and public health issues

Dr Theo Varzakas, University of Peloponnese


Food poisoning toxins of Bacillus cereus

Nadja Jeßberger, Ludwig-Maximilians University


ISO 16140:3 overview

Christina Oscroft, Campden BRI

Day 2 – Wednesday 13th October

Heat resistance of yeast ascospores and their use for validation

Dr Greg Rachon, Campden BRI


Fungal control in the food supply chain

Fraziska Wohlgemuth, University of Nottingham


Salmonella in coated chicken products and melons

Dr Marie Chattaway, Public Health England


Why food companies need a food safety culture

Bill Marler, Marler Clark LLP

Day 3 – Thursday 14th October

Food safety in a quick service restaurant

Dr Bizhan Pourkomailian, McDonalds


Enviromental issues and fresh produce safety

Dr Mark Moorman, FDA


Listeria control survey

Linda Everis, Campden BRI


Recent and unusual food microbiology issues

Dr Roy Betts, Campden BRI

The conference is suitable for lab staff, technical managers, QA staff and food safety managers. Use the buttons below to find out more, or to ask us a question about the event.

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