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Online Course: Microbiology for non Microbiologists- live online tutor-led training course

Benefits of attending

This live, interactive online course is designed to give those who have had no formal microbiological training an introduction to aspects of the subject, which are of importance in food production.  These features includes food safety and how it can be managed.  The course covers the importance of microorganisms in the food production environment as well as the food itself.

Typical attendees could be Managers in Technical, Hygiene or Quality Departments, Buyers or those working in NPD.

Breaking through some of the microbiology terminology and jargon, you will perform outline microbiological risk assessments, and be shown how to carry out microbiological investigations and decide on appropriate actions based on microbiological results. You will also be provided with a “taste” of microbiological problem-solving, through case studies.

The course will be delivered live online over the course of a day,  participants will be sent log in details for a WebEx Training session.  Electronic materials will be issued in advance of the course.

Training Course content

  • Microorganisms – types, diversity and introductory testing information;
  • Case study exercises: diagnosis of food microbiological issues;
  • Hygiene and environmental sampling in the factory;
  • Food safety issues;
  • Growth, inhibition and destruction of microorganisms and toxins; and
  • Factors affecting growth and survival of microorganisms.

Course Aims

  • To provide a broad introduction to the importance of microbiological issues for maintaining food safety and quality;
  • To provide a simple guide on how to identify potential risks and avoid them in future;
  • To demonstrate ways in which some microbiological problems can be understood and solved; and
  • To inform on how to decide on specification limits.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Understand food microbiology terminology and “jargon” to enable informed discussion of microbiological issues;
  • Identify the role of microbiology in setting product specifications;
    Locate potential factory “hotspots” where microbiological problems can occur; and
  • Decide the correct hygiene measures and cleaning regimes to eradicate problems;
  • Contributes to participants continuing professional development.


Members – £499 + VAT
Non-members – £680 + VAT