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Plastic Casks & Kegs – Environmentally Sustainable?


The biggest issue facing our world and industry is the “climate change emergency”. Our customers and investors expect each of us and our businesses to make reductions in the carbon footprint impact on the environment of our products and how they are contained.


The purpose of this webinar is to engage the beverage supply chain in conversation to work towards sustainability by covering a range of approaches by industry professionals.



A short introduction led by Ruth, CEO of BFBi

1) Cypherco | Simon Wheaton, Managing Director – ‘Multiple re-use of a container and limitations on re-cycling product at the end of useful life ‘

2) Dolium | Matt Panucci, CEO – ’Case studies including the Life Cycle Analysis of DOLIUM vs. Stainless Steel kegs’

3) Polykeg | Tony Hird, Managing Director – ‘Why One- Way Kegs are more environmentally friendly than other packaging solutions’

4) I-Keg | Greg Whitehorne, Managing Director – to be confirmed


Each presentation will last between 10 – 15 mins with opportunity to engage in Question & Answer.


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