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Zythos Beer Festival 2022

The Zythos Beer Festival (ZBF) is an ode to Belgian Craft Beer. Their main motivation for organizing this festival is to introduce visitors to the innovations from a wide selection of the approximately 700 Belgian breweries and beer companies. ZBF is one of  the largest beer festivals in the world exclusively devoted to Belgian beer, and enjoys great international appreciation with visitors from more than 30 countries.

There will again be 88 stands, staffed by about 100 breweries and beer companies, who together offer more than 500 craft beers: a wide range of beer styles and flavours, brewed in Belgium.

Beer tasting takes place in ZBF tasting glasses of 10 cl and exhibitors ask 1 or 2 tokens for a tasting glass of 10 cl, depending on the beer.

Opening hours :

  • Saturday from 1 pm to 11 pm – entry from 12 am with presale ticket
  • Sunday : from 12 am to 8 pm
  • Beer serving stops 30 min before closing time.