Steve Barker, Director – UK Sales, DomnickHunter

“Membership of the BFBi is essential for anyone wishing to either start or increase the amount of business within the mainstream Food & Beverage Industries. The range of support and information available from the BFBi is as extensive as it is excellent and is always provided accurately, on time and with a smile, very refreshing in the pressurised business environment we often find ourselves in these days. The network of contacts enables the Team at BFBi to put you directly in touch with people and company’s who will either require your products and services or who can provide you with the exact product or service you require”. Steve Barker, Director – UK Sales, DomnickHunter

Samantha Ashby, Product Manager – Leisure Sales, Cyroservice

“With CryoService, it is difficult, or at best time consuming to find appropriate data or contacts regarding gas applications for the drinks market, and not always something we can provide a great deal of resource to. However our membership to the BFBi, provides just this; specific information, contacts, seminars, courses, tailor-made responses and up to the minute news on developments within our key markets. Something we regard as an invaluable resource. “ Samantha Ashby, Product Manager – Leisure Sales, Cyroservice

Paul Nunny, Cask Marque

“Each day , having read the BFBi briefing, I feel I have been brought up to date with events happening in the world and more importantly can then assess their impact on us.” Paul Nunny, Cask Marque

Dr Keith Thomas, Brewlab

Appreciate your impressive and speedy access to information with detailed content and wide coverage. Friendly and professional point of contact too. Dr Keith Thomas, Brewlab

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