Supplying the brewing, food and beverage industry.

Ruth’s visit to New Member- Fabdec!

Ruth Evans visited new member Fabdec’s Ellesmere facility early this month.  With 3 operational facilities, based in Ellesmere, UK; Gelsenkirchen, Germany and Saint Petersburg, Russia, Fabdec has been a leading UK developer of innovative high quality stainless steel heat transfer products for the past 60 years.

Fabdec is split into four business areas:

  • Dairy
  • Spares
  • Food & beverage processing equipment
  • Domestic & Commercial water heaters
  • Heat Recovery

Ruth met with Mark Madeley, Sales Manager of Fabdec’s Britanx division, serving the food, beverage and processing industries.

Laser Welder

Britanx supplies a range of brewery (DPVs, BBTs) and associated vessels (CLTs, HLTs, Mash Tuns, Copper/Kettles, Racking Tanks, Under/Hop Backs, mixing vessels), together with bespoke vessels and Plate Heat Exchangers.

Mark showed Ruth around the impressive factory where the in-house team were producing a mix of 55% brewery vessels, together with pharmaceutical, beverage and food vessels. The only dimple plate laser welder in the UK, supplemented Fabdec’s 6m CNC rolls, CNC punch and 6m seam welders & polishers..

So, if you are looking for new brewing, beverage, food vessels, manufactured in the UK please contact:  

Jessica Brindley

Jessica Brindley

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Supplying the brewing, food and beverage industry.

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