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Construction Clean Services Keeping Your Staff and Workplace Safe


Construction Clean Services Keeping Your Staff and Workplace Safe And Operational As Well As Treating Your Unwanted Bi-Products With Bioremediation Platforms

Construction Clean Services is currently servicing many different kinds of workplaces so that employees feel that they are being taken care of and that the premises, whatever that is, is a safer environment to be in during this pandemic.

Covering the whole of the UK including the Republic of Ireland, Construction Clean is sanitising manufacturing plants for one of the largest food and drink packaging companies in the world at its 34 sites across the UK, retail groups hoping to open in a few days, schools and educational establishments, hundreds of offices for groups and single site business even doctors surgeries throughout the country.

The main service is a proactive regular fogging and sanitising service, however, as they have teams up and down the country, they can also react to an outbreak or any similar situation within 24 hours providing a team of professional well trained and equipped operatives to deal with any issues.

Construction Clean Services is also helping to deliver bioremediation solutions that solve many of the industry problems such a fats, oils and greases – currently delivering this service to a food delivery business making sure that the grease traps do exactly what they are supposed to do.

Bioremediation platforms can solve any number of issues that happen when natural bi products are needed to be taken care of both economically as well as ecologically and, as such, Construction Clean Services has access to several chemical manufacturers who provide specific treatments to look after specific tasks under our training and delivery.

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