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From our ISO9001/ISO2200 accredited site, AB Vickers manufacture and supply premium quality process aids (traditional isinglass finings and vegan alternatives, nutrients, enzymes, foam stabilisers, foam suppressants, water treatment, colloidal stabilisers) and the full-range of Lallemand dry brewing yeast and bacteria. All supported with our technical expertise and excellent customer service.

Biotechnology for the production of beverages, mainly beer, cider and wine

BARTHHAAS is a leading global supplier of hop products and all the services relating to them. We combine expert advice that inspires, with the most valued portfolio of hops. Contact us for how to use hops and hop products creatively and efficiently. Ours is the story of a passion that never ends!

Bevie ‘Partners in Craft’ manufacture fermentation products, flavour essences and complete drink solutions for the alcoholic drinks industry. Our 60,000 sq ft BRC accredited manufacturing site in Cheshire has state of the art blending technologies, a liquid manufacturing plant, extensive packing operations comprising form fill seal, vacuum pack, bulk pack and pouch filling. All enabling a comprehensive range of liquid and dry products to be packed in various forms and weights.

The trade association for all British hop growers. We fund and deliver a new hop variety development programme through our subsidiary Wye Hops Ltd.

Farmer controlled central storage co-operative, operating four advanced processing centres to give cereal growers a highly professional service and a vital link in the food-supply chain.

Cara Technology Ltd is a world-leading company developing, manufacturing and supplying products and services for sensory testing of food and beverages marketed under the trade name of AROXA flavour standards. We also supply quality assured yeast cultures to the brewing industry from our collection of 1000 yeast strains.

We have one of the largest hop variety ranges available, in both gas-flushed leaf and T90 pellets. Our hop development programme (founded in 2009) now operates in five countries. This allows us to produce fantastic new hop aromas and flavours! We also stock a huge collection of malt, yeast, brewing aids and other products.

CirQlar unleashes the power of co-products by selling them to livestock farmers; we have been doing this for many years. By feeding your co-products to cows, pigs and chickens, we work as a chain to create food with the lowest possible environmental impact. The co-products are used in compound feed or sold as single feed within the livestock industry. This is how we unleash the power of co-products together! As part of ForFarmers, CirQlar is active in North-West Europe and the UK and is a stable partner for suppliers of co-products. A guaranteed sale of co-products is our top priority. We upgrade your co-products from industries such as dairy, beer, starch, potato, sugar and ethanol production into sustainable food and we do this in cooperation with livestock farmers.

We are a malting company run by real people, with real passion & real knowledge. We started in 1870 and since then we’ve been producing malt for brewers & distillers all over the world. Our strong roots with the land & people is what sets us up for the future, to produce quality malt for all to enjoy

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