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2019 Alcohol School

The Alcohol School has a 38-year tradition of educating fuel ethanol and distilled beverage producers in the science of alcohol production. This weeklong program has become the industry’s premier educational event. In addition to common topics such as yeast, yeast nutrition and stress reduction, hygiene and bacterial control, distillation and co-products, the course has a number of Distilled Beverage specific sessions, including:

  • Feedstocks for beverage distillation
  • Maturation process
  • Flavor distillation
  • Sensory perception

Delegates have the opportunity to attend either Fuel or Distilled Beverage lectures, with some presentations having a common focus. Leading industry scientists and academics, as well as Ethanol Technology Institute experts – including Scientific Director Professor Graeme Walker – will direct lectures and laboratory demonstrations.

Staying educated on the latest ethanol and distilled beverage technology is paramount to success in the industry. The Alcohol School is your resource to network with other experts and stay up to date on the science and practice of alcohol production – an investment that always pays off!


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