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7th International Young Scientists Symposium

The University of Cambridge will host the 7th International Symposium for graduate/PhD students and young professionals working in the fields of malting, brewing, and distilling. The aim of the symposium is specifically to attract young people, new in the field, and to cover a broad range of malting, brewing, fermented beverage and distilling related topics. This low cost symposium also intends to facilitate the dissemination of scientific work and to stimulate the discussion about state of the art topics in the field. It is specifically designed to initiate networking in this group of people who will be the future of the malting, brewing and distilling community. Many more details will be forthcoming shortly, but I urge you to mark off those dates next year to ensure that you don’t miss out on what promises to be an amazing event. We so much look forward to seeing you in Cambridge in September 2020!

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