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Campden BRI’s Online course – HACCP intermediate (level 3)

This course uses a mix of tutor presentations, short exercises and discussion to build understanding of the principles and terminology of HACCP.

Benefits of attending

This live, interactive online course is designed to give Food Safety team members a good understanding of the concept, principles and terminology of Food Safety Management including HACCP and the role and importance of prerequisite programmes. This is achieved through  tutor presentations, short exercises and a case study. A previous knowledge of at least basic food safety is desirable.

Delegates have the opportunity to achieve a Campden BRI HACCP Intermediate qualification; on completion of the course participants will complete a multiple choice test to assess the knowledge learnt.

The course will be delivered live online over the course of three mornings,  participants will be sent log in details for a WebEx Training session.  Electronic materials will be issued in advance of the course, including course slides, exercises and an electronic copy of the  Campden BRI HACCP – a practical guide (5th edition) Guideline G42.

Courses are limited to 12 people to ensure an interactive and engaging course for all participants.

Training Course content

  • HACCP background, Codex principles, application, benefits
  • Role of prerequisite programmes in food safety management
  • Food safety hazard identification
  • Case study exercise
  • Campden BRI HACCP Intermediate multiple choice test

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, based upon a given scenario, participants will be able to:

  • Correctly explain the legal requirements for HACCP
  • Correctly explain the role of the prerequisite programmes in food safety management
  • Draw an accurate process flow diagram
  • List at least 5 chemical, physical and biological food safety hazards based upon a given scenario
  • Correctly explain the Codex HACCP terminology
  • Apply all the elements of the Codex HACCP principles, including the preparatory stages.
  • Contributes towards delegates continuing professional development.

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